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The Titan Single Stack


  • Starts at $3599

  • Delivered : 60-90 Days

  • Suitability : USPSA Single Stack, 3 Gun Heavy, IPSC Classic

  • Medium Wide Frame

  • Under 43oz with Magazine

  • KKM Bushing Barrel

  • X-Line Trigger

  • Bomar Rear Sight

  • Fiber Front Site

  • Techwell Grips

  • Techwell Magwell

  • Available in 9mm, 40SW and 45

Make me a Titan!

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The Atlas Gun Works Titan Single Stack 3 Gun Pistol USPSA Single Stack Handgun is a full custom Single Stack in fit and finish. We incorporated all the most requested parts into one Atlas Gun Works Titan Single Stack 3 Gun Pistol USPSA Single Stack Handgun that we could replicate fast enough to meet our clients demand. The Atlas Gun Works Titan Single Stack 3 Gun Pistol USPSA Single Stack Handgun ships, in less than 3 months from the time we receive payment, and ready to breathe fire at your next 3 Gun, USPSA or IPSC match.


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Our Competition
Sic!!!  You got it, that was exactly what I was looking for. That was some quick metal work! Thanks brother.
James L.
Ive shot a few hundred rounds and it’s been absolutely flawless. Literally 0 stoppages running my 90gr mouse farts or 124gr standard loads. Both loads were with the supplied recoil spring. Cant wait to take it to the major 3 gun matches this year. Thanks!
Jonathan M.
Initial impressions are it looks fantastic. The pictures really dont do it any justice. Slide to frame fit is fantastic. Probably the best ive felt. Trigger feels great. Will probably start feeling even better after a couple hundred rounds. Machining is fantastic. No tool marks anywhere i can see so far. Safety is fit very well. I like the angle on the firing pin stop. Makes the unlock feel great. The finishes are both beautiful. The np3 and the dlc. The shirt makes me feel spoiled. The case even more so. I really think more custom makers should do that. It really just makes the package a little more complete. Everything is nice and square. Hammer is centered between the slide. Slide is perfectly centered when you look at where it meets the dust cover.  So far I have nothing but really good things to say. You guys did a great job. Cant wait to shoot it. Thank you!
Joseph D.