Adam Nilson
Adam NilsonOwner, CEO
Adam’s entrepreneurial spirit has kept him out of corporate America, and constantly building small businesses in the Burlington, VT area. Adam’s passion for USPSA and 3-gun led him to the making of Atlas Gunworks. His first love is the Limited Division, where you will catch him testing prototypes. Adam’s business background in finance and growing small companies has been the driving force behind the growth of Atlas. When he’s not shooting, he is a sports enthusiast.
Tod West
Tod WestCo-Owner
Tod’s 25+ years of machining experience and passion for perfection is what sets Atlas apart from other gun builders. Tod is the magic behind the guns, and sets the protocol for all gunbuilding activities at Atlas. His relentless attention to the smallest details is what really makes Atlas Gunworks pistols special. When Tod’s not behind the machines, he enjoys sports activities with his son, and bird hunting.
Cat Richards
Cat RichardsOffice Manager
If you call up Atlas Gunworks, chances are you’ll talk to Cat! Cat keeps our office running, handling sales and customer contact as well as parts, billing, shipping, and more! Of course, she does all this with the help of her sidekicks, Tyson (pictured) and Kemper. Outside of Atlas, Cat bartends a few nights a week, and loves kayaking, hiking, and horseback riding.
Theo Chimes
Theo ChimesProduction Manager
Theo is our production manager and gunsmith. He has a hand in almost every shop process here, and touches every gun that leaves Atlas Gunworks. Theo’s attention to detail and determination to make every piece perfect is what sets him apart in the gun builder world, and makes him an invaluable part of our crew. A comedian at heart, he keeps the rest of the crew laughing through the day. Outside of Atlas, Theo loves to mountain bike, ski, and ride his motorcycle.
James Fucci
James FucciCAD/CAM Engineer
Looking for a custom slide design? James is your guy! Combining his CAD/CAM engineering expertise with his creative eye for innovative design made James an intergal crew member at Atlas Gunworks. Every Atlas slide design starts and ends with James, and he always has a new idea to try. When he’s not writing programs and cutting badass slides, James loves to shoot USPSA (he’s a Grand Master), spend time with his two young sons, and practice Jiu Jitsu.
Ryan Jones
Ryan JonesMachinist
Brought on with 15+ years of precision machining experience, Ryan quickly became an valued member of our crew. He’s worked on rally cars, made parts for submarines, and worked as a gunsmith on lever guns. Ryan fit right in here at Atlas Gunworks as a gun enthusiast, being a collector of classic and unusual firearms.
Jamie Chadurjian
Jamie ChadurjianFinishing and Tuning Specialist
Our newest Atlas crew member, Jamie is driven and diligent. He handles all of our precision finishing and polishing, as well as being the magazine guru. Jamie is a US Army veteran after 8 years of service, and loves to work! Outside of Atlas he works on weekends for a local paintball company, where he enjoys being both a referee and a player.