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Troubleshooting Hammer Follow Issues

- [Adam] Hey everybody, Adam from Atlas Gunworks. [00:00:02.06] We're gonna talk about guns that have hammer follows. [00:00:04.06] So, a hammer follow is a scenario where the gun cycles, [00:00:08.00] (gun cocks) [00:00:09.08] and the hammer follows the slide. [00:00:11.05] (hip hop music) [00:00:12.05] (gun firing) [00:00:18.05] Most of the time when that happens, [...]

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Perfect Hammer and Sear Engagement

- Hey everybody, Adam from Atlas Gun Works. [00:00:03.00] We're gonna talk about hammer and sear engagement, [00:00:04.09] in this video today and we're gonna show you [00:00:06.06] a cool new way that we're gonna sell these products [00:00:08.09] to make your life a little bit easier. [00:00:11.06] (slow hip-hop music) [00:00:18.09] So hammer and [...]

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Reliable Lockback 2.0 for 2011s

- [Adam] Hey everybody, Adam from Atlas Gunworks [00:00:02.09] talking about mag springs for the STI mags [00:00:05.05] and the Gen2 Followers. [00:00:07.05] (upbeat hiphop music) [00:00:08.03] (gun fires) [00:00:10.09] (gun fires) [00:00:14.07] Alright, getting in to this, the mags for the lock back [00:00:18.05] on the 211s, you've seen us talk about 'em a [...]

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Lock Back Slide Stop and Mag Tuning

- Hey guys, this is Jamie from Atlas Gunworks. [00:00:03.00] Today we're gonna go over how to tune your slidestop [00:00:05.04] to work with your Lockback mags. [00:00:14.08] So, first problem we're seeing is [00:00:17.03] on your mags from 1911's and 2011's, [00:00:20.06] you have this little notch. [00:00:22.09] And this notch, [00:00:25.04] you need [...]

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Removing the 1911 and 2011 Guide Rod

Removing the 1911 and 2011 Guide Rod is easy! Adam walk you through it in this short video. - Hey everybody, Adam from Atlas Gun Works. [00:00:02.04] We're gonna talk today, or show you how, actually [00:00:04.07] to take a full length guide rod out of a 19- or 2011. [00:00:07.08] The process is the [...]

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