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Active Heroes! Win an Atlas Gunworks Pistol

About the Campaign Aiming for Zero and Atlas Gunworks is proud to announce our second year of collaboration with Aiming for Zero's Great Nor'easter event. For 2019, Atlas has decided to donate a full build! This will be the winner's choice, they can pick any set model pistol! This is an incredible donation and together [...]

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Troubleshooting Hammer Follow Issues

- [Adam] Hey everybody, Adam from Atlas Gunworks. [00:00:02.06] We're gonna talk about guns that have hammer follows. [00:00:04.06] So, a hammer follow is a scenario where the gun cycles, [00:00:08.00] (gun cocks) [00:00:09.08] and the hammer follows the slide. [00:00:11.05] (hip hop music) [00:00:12.05] (gun firing) [00:00:18.05] Most of the time when that happens, [...]

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Perfect Hammer and Sear Engagement

- Hey everybody, Adam from Atlas Gun Works. [00:00:03.00] We're gonna talk about hammer and sear engagement, [00:00:04.09] in this video today and we're gonna show you [00:00:06.06] a cool new way that we're gonna sell these products [00:00:08.09] to make your life a little bit easier. [00:00:11.06] (slow hip-hop music) [00:00:18.09] So hammer and [...]

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Reliable Lockback 2.0 for 2011s

- [Adam] Hey everybody, Adam from Atlas Gunworks [00:00:02.09] talking about mag springs for the STI mags [00:00:05.05] and the Gen2 Followers. [00:00:07.05] (upbeat hiphop music) [00:00:08.03] (gun fires) [00:00:10.09] (gun fires) [00:00:14.07] Alright, getting in to this, the mags for the lock back [00:00:18.05] on the 211s, you've seen us talk about 'em a [...]

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Lock Back Slide Stop and Mag Tuning

- Hey guys, this is Jamie from Atlas Gunworks. [00:00:03.00] Today we're gonna go over how to tune your slidestop [00:00:05.04] to work with your Lockback mags. [00:00:14.08] So, first problem we're seeing is [00:00:17.03] on your mags from 1911's and 2011's, [00:00:20.06] you have this little notch. [00:00:22.09] And this notch, [00:00:25.04] you need [...]

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Removing the 1911 and 2011 Guide Rod

Removing the 1911 and 2011 Guide Rod is easy! Adam walk you through it in this short video. - Hey everybody, Adam from Atlas Gun Works. [00:00:02.04] We're gonna talk today, or show you how, actually [00:00:04.07] to take a full length guide rod out of a 19- or 2011. [00:00:07.08] The process is the [...]

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