– Hey everybody, Adam from ATLAS Gunworks.

Today we’re gonna talk
about the Athena model.

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The Athena’s a nine millimeter.

And what you see different at ATLAS

than some of the other shops

is we take a caliber and design

the entire gun around the caliber.

So, this is a sister gun to a Hyperion,

which is the gun without
the RDS plate system.

And the gun is completely
designed around nine millimeters.

So, what we’re chasing is

what we call, a perfect zero.

So, I want the gun and recoil to lift,

come back to the same spot it lifted from,

and not wiggle,

not, basically be still,

or as still as you can make it.

And you see a lot of folks
talking about flat guns.

And what you’re chasing with a flat gun

is that the gun doesn’t lift very much,

but what you see is

they do a lot of movement.

So, these guns are engineered to,

the amount of lift really doesn’t matter.

It’s not a lot,

because to get it to be stable,

we need it to be stable
through the whole path.

But, we want the guns
to lift, return to zero.

So let’s look at some of
the details on the Athena.

So what’s cool about the Athena,

is that every Athena’s gonna ship

with this adjustable rear sight plate.

So, Bomar style adjustable rear plate,

with two bolts, and that thing’s

secured to the back of the gun.

We run a two thirty to
two fifty front sight.

Can be fiber, can be fixed or tritium.

Those front sights will
also work as backups

with certain optics,

so we’ll come back to that in a moment.

But every gun will ship with this plate.

Whether the plate’s installed or not,

is up to you.

If you just wanted Athena

and you might add an optic later,

you get it shipped with this plate.

If not, this plate will be in the bag

and you can always have
an iron sighted gun.

There’s no porting or comp on the Athena

and none of that’s necessary
for our perfect zero return.

So because of that, the
guns legal and three gun

limited or tack, and then USPSA also,

you’ve got a limited gun there.

And then, if you’re an
iron sighted shooter

or you want a lower profile
for a carrier or a duty gun,

same thing, the irons
are gonna give you that.

If you want an optic,

the gun, if you choose,

will ship with the optic of your choice.

If you choose a Trijicon,

we’ve set up the sight
system to have a backup iron,

it’s underneath the dot,

with the Trijicons,

without a front sight change.

So the Trigicon plate has a built-in

option to bolt on your rear sight

and pretty much ship
everyone with the rear sight.

And then, so that backup iron
is automatically built in.

The Trigicons have a nice low profile.

So, doesn’t matter if
it’s an SRO or an RMR,

they’re just bolt on
ready to go, same plate.

To get this plate off and
go back to iron sight,

it’s two bolts to take the sight off,

two bolts to take the plate off,

and then two bolts to come back on

with the adjustable rear sight.

So, the Hyperion’s the
fixed sight version.

This is essentially the same exact gun.

Same tracking, same pattern.

Only difference is, slightly
different slide cuts,

and we have a plate system
available for irons or optics.

We make this optic plate
for all of the major optics,

and as optics become available

as long as they’re popular,

we’ll continue to make the plates.

The mag walls are adjustable.

There’s three different sizes.

Actually there’s three sizes,

and the bigger ones have
a couple weight choices,

so again, we can fine tune the gun.

The triggers are adjustable,

and there’s some thumb safety options.

So when you’re ordering a gun,

you’ve got a trigger thumb safety,

mag wall option,

and then optic option,

and then we have color options.

And the guns are gonna come this year

in three colors,

and then custom guns can
pretty much any color you want.

So I hope to see you
guys on the range soon.

If you’re looking for
that do-it-all pistol,

this is it.

The absolute, most versatile
pistol in our line up,

The ATLAS Gunworks Athena.

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