Chaos Bench Video Atlas Gunworks Open Class 2011 Style Pistol
– Hey everybody.

Adam from Atlas Gun Works.

Here to show off a chaos.

This is one that’s just
back in from service

so this ones been out in
the field doing great stuff.

What’s cool about a Chaos is,

its a mid length gun.

We have been doing this platform
for quite a few years now

but its become very popular with everybody

so you run a full length dust cover.

You take a full five inch slide.

You cut four hundred thou off

and move the call back.

This is our titanium call
(slide clicks)

What’s nice about the 4.6 inch slide is,

consistently good timing.

We actually also stroke
this gun two hundred thou

so its got a little more rear-ward travel.

For those that don’t know about stroking,

the gun would normally
come back to about here

and you get almost a quarter
inch of extra travel back.

PTEVO grip, all DLC black.

You can get different
sights, different mounts,

all the good fire control group

and all the attention to
detail internally from Atlas.

This one happens to have
the Dawson Magwell on it.

My favorite magwells are large hand,

stainless steel magwells

and the cool part about the Atlas guns

and this gun in particular is,

the goal here is always to
get the gun to return to zero

so I want the gun to recoil,

comeback and stop, and not wiggle

and so a lot of people talk
about really flop shooting guns

and that’s, this gun is ultra flat

but that’s not what were chasing.

I want the daw to comeback up, down,

and stop where it came from

and so we do a lot of information videos

on how to make the guns perform that way

but this gun for 85 percent
of shooters should dial,

be dialed right in.

Potentially, there’s a recoil spring

or a little bit of a power factor change

but with most grip pressures,

we can dial this gun in

and be ready to rock for
any body in U.S.P.S.A.