Helios Bench Video Atlas Gunworks IDPA Legal 2011 Style Pistol
– Hey everybody, Adam Atlas Gunworks

debuting the new Helios IDPA gun.

Four and a quarter inch slide and barrel,

um, give you that commander length

but it allows us to run a bull barrel.

This is a better set-up than um,

than running a little longer
I think with a bushing barrel.

The weight distribution on this gun,

slide weight’s perfect match
with a short dust cover.

Some new rule changes allow us to do this.

The new Cheely E2 aluminum grip works well

and allows us to make weight.

Um, Keplar trigger and
then our thumb safety.

Our new thumb safety
actually puts your hand

pointed up a little bit,
gives you a lot of room

for that second hand to
get way high on the gun,

give you a good positive grip.

(gun clicks)

Um, Of course our trigger is set-up.

So you know, nice two pound trigger.


Um, and then our slide lock,

which is kind of is the
reason that these guns are um,

are coming out now and not before now.

The issue with these guns
has always been getting

the guns to slide lock

(gun metal clinks)

and so a nice pause of
slide lock engagement.

That comes with two parts.

One, we’ve got a nice,
perfect um, engagement shelf

on our new slide stop

built for the new STI followers.

So STI upgrade their followers recently.

We’ve got two versions of this.

The newest version has
this little circle holes

in them and you’ll need those.

And then the springs from
STI are a tad underpowered

so we went out and had springs
made that are overpowered.

(gun metal clinks)

So we’ve got overpowered STI
spring with their new follower,

in conjunction with our slide stop,

you get a nice, positive lock back.

And then, for guys in
the ten round states,

um, we make the 126 mags

uh, and the 140 mags.

We make these base plates.

So these plates pin in here,

this is one for a 140
so it’s a little longer

but we, for the 126 we’ll trim this down

and it blocks you out at 10 rounds.

So there’s 10 in here now.


That’s what nine looks like.

And we can’t get an
eleventh round in there.

So, If you need to be compliant

in a New York, Connecticut,
New Jersey state

126 round mags, same set-up internally

using the same parts so you
don’t need any special parts.

You just need that locker plate

(gun clicking, bullets falling)

and then two lock back.

So there’s the new Helios.

Um, the ideal IDPA gun.

This one doesn’t have a
magwell on it, but you can run,

they make an IDPA
magwell that fits the box

and if you’re gonna do a
different sport with it,

they actually make a bigger magwell.

Um and then they also
make some heavy magwells.

So lots of options on the
magwells and some more

magwell options are on their way.

Um, it’s um…

A couple are coming in to 2019 right now.

So by the end of 2019, there will

be a whole bunch of magwell
choices for this gun.

But, super good gun and it makes weight.

So, We’ll just check on the,

verify we’re under the 43 ounce rule.

Gun by itself is 39, throw in a Magwell,

you’re still staying under 40 in aluminum.

So, there it is,

the new Atlas Helios IDPA gun.