Hyperion Bench Video Atlas Gunworks 3 Gun and Limited Class 2011 Style Pistol
– [Adam] Hey everybody,
Adam from Atlas Gunworks,

showing off the new Hyperion
Three Gun/Limited Gun.

In our opinion, the absolute
Three Gun/Limited Gun

on the planet.

I’s got an aluminum Cheely E2 grip,

full length dust cover,
custom cut 4.6 inch slide,

I believe this is the
first gun on the market

to have a 4.6 inch slide
in a production gun.

Atlas’s thumb safety that
gives you a little more room

for your left hand from
a height perspective.

It comes in two colors, you can get this

two-toned silver and black
or the gun in all black.

It has polished flats on the slide.

Gun weighs in at under 40 ounces,

that was the goal with Three Gun.

There’s two things we were trying to do:

get the gun to shoot and
return to zero perfectly,

which the 4.6 slide, in
balance, kind of does for us,

and then get the gun under 40 ounces.

We’re at 37.6 with the aluminum grip.

We’ve got different mag-well options,

this is the smaller IDPA mag-well,

Cheely also makes a bigger
mag-well with a plastic insert.

And then we’re going to
have a stainless mag-well

out for that in summer of 2019.

All the good stuff on the
inside, all the good internals,

all hand-tuned, all built by the pros here

at Atlas Gunworks,
always a gap bar trigger.

Different colors and
shapes and sizes available.

So here’s the new Hyperion,

I think you’re going to see this take over

the Three Gun circuit in 2019.

They’re not just beautiful,
they are performance driven

here at Atlas Gunworks.

We’ll see you guys on the range soon.