Hyperion Range Day

– [Adam] Hey everybody, Adam from Atlas Gunworks. We’ve got the new Hyperion out for a little range demo today.

This is the first gun that I know of ever built just around a nine millimeter case– a nine millimeter minor case so, designed to run factory 115, 124’s, whatever you’re into, no special loads required, and the goal of the gun is to get it to come back to that perfect zero, and the best way for us to do that was to get a weight balance with an aluminum grip, but cut the gun down to 4.6 inches. So you take a full government slide, full length dust coverage cut 400 thou off the front. Here a lot of people are worried about the sight radius on that. It’s a six percent difference between that and a five inch gun, it’s nothing that you’d see on the targets. We’ll do some videos showing that later.

The gun’s ultra flat, it returns to zero really well, and that’s all we’re chasing, and versus a Titan which does work similar. This one would beat it in the return to zero a little bit, and then on top of that it’s nine to ten ounces lighter depending what mag wallet setup we run. So I’m just gonna rip some rounds of the A box here and show you guys how it all works, and the system and the timing and you’ll see the gun’s ultra flat.

Beware on these videos on the internet of watching guys have flat guns– the camera angle makes them look super flat, and what really matters is what we see on the target. Anything else doesn’t– videos don’t matter it’s what on the target that matters. So, this gun works super well in that fashion.

We’ll demo it here at ten yards, and then stay tuned for videos of us shooting this thing at distance at at plates at super distance and stuff just to prove the sight radius isn’t a factor on something like this. So, I don’t know how many I had in there probably 20. It’s a 140 millimeter mag. So, in some degree there wasn’t much aiming there so what I don’t wanna have to do is auto correct the gun and a lot of us do that subconsciously not knowing.

So what I’m showing here is I’m basically trying to get one sight picture and then let it rip. I’m aiming here. So especially when you’re getting deep in those things your grip’s gonna start to not be quite as consistent, but the gun does exactly what we want, this perfect zero. I just want the gun– if I’m aiming here I want the gun to lift and come back here and what that gets you when you’re shooting matches, it doesn’t typically speed folks up a lot, the cycle times on any gun is gonna be what you’re getting from the shooter. So a good shooter is gonna shoot an 09 at 10 split and the guns are cycling at 04, 5, so they’re much faster than we’re shooting.

What it gets you is, if the gun leaves– this is bullet one, gun comes back and it’s pointed for bullet two, and I decide to make a mistake, what I call cheating the next target, so I decide to pull off and get to the next target, I might have a Charlie or Delta. Instead if the gun returns here and I pull off, I’ve got a lot less chance of having those points. So what we’re really trying to do is get the guns back to zero. Most of your guns will return here in 9 millimeter, so we’re high and right to some degree.

So anyway, that’s the goal with a Hyperion. Perfect for 3 gun, perfect if you’re committed to limited, and honestly my favorite gun on the planet to shoot. It’s super balanced, it’s timed well, it’s not that heavy. We’re running with the Cheely E2 grips which have a nice medium texture to them.

So hopefully I see you guys on the range soon, and here’s the new Hyperion.