– Hey guys, this is Jamie
from Atlas Gunworks.

Today we’re gonna go over
how to tune your slidestop

to work with your Lockback mags.

So, first problem we’re seeing is

on your mags from 1911’s and 2011’s,

you have this little notch.

And this notch,

you need it to click up to engage,

and it’ll catch up in
your slidestop like this.

Some of the slidestops on the back,

there’s a little divot,

and that’s where your plunger
tube’s gonna run across.

All we’re gonna add

is another little
chamfer right under here,

so it can engage farther up.

All you have to do is lightly touch it.

You don’t want to go too deep.

You want to keep it about even

with the already indent that’s there.

And I’ll show you how this works.

Just drop it right in.

So with this notch right here,

when it goes in,

should be able to engage now.

And just like that.

This will pop up farther,

and you’ll get good engagement every time.