Sponsored Competitive Shooters

Mike Stoker
Mike StokerUSSL and USPSA, Single Stack and Limited
Mike Stoker started in practical shooting in early 2018. As a competitive athlete since childhood Mike quickly became addicted to competitive shooting and hasn’t looked back. He shot over 50 matches in his first year with many top finishes. Mike competes in both the USSL and USPSA in single stack and limited division. He plans to continue to excel as a competitor and attend as many major matches as possible in his second year. Mike enjoys helping others and growing together as competitors. When you see him at the next match introduce yourself!
Charlie Perez
Charlie PerezUSPSA Open/USPSA Limited
Charlie got started in the practical shooting sports in 2008 and has focused on USPSA sanctioned matches since the beginning. With a Grand Master classification in both Limited and Open divisions he enjoys attending USPSA matches all across the nation. His primary focus is competing in the Limited division with the 40SW Titan Operator with great success. Each year Charlie attends 50+ local club matches across the Colorado front range as well as at least 12 major matches across the country. Competing at the national level demands pistols with solid reliability and exceptional accuracy which Charlie knows that only Atlas Gunworks can deliver. Charlie is also an accomplished firearms trainer and author who works diligently to maximize shooters performance. His training business Big Panda Performance is used to deploy practical shooting sports training all across the nation. If you see him feel free to introduce yourself as he is very approachable and willing to help his fellow competitors answer a wide range of practical shooting questions!
Josh Tarrant
Josh Tarrant3 Gun Practical/Tac Ops
Josh is an avid competitor and lifelong athlete, and first discovered action shooting sports in the spring of 2014 when he attended his first IDPA match. By June of 2014, Josh had discovered 3 Gun and was outfitted with everything required to compete; including a unique and valuable dominance over his thoughts and actions. Since his first steps into the 3 Gun world, Josh has focused on rapid improvement and sharing his knowledge with new shooters, conducting 3 Gun classes, often for free, at local gun clubs. Josh’s is also currently shooting for Vortex Optics, Breda Shotguns, and Obsidian Arms.

– 100+ Career Matches
– 40+ Career Wins
– Consistent Top Finisher at Major Matches (Top 10-15)
– 3rd Buckeye Blast
– 3rd Ohio State 3 Gun Champion
– 2nd Rock Hard 3 Gun
– 12th Pro/Am 3 Gun
– 9th Nordic Trigun
– 3rd Blue Grass Shotgun Challenge
– 12th Blue Ride Mountain 3 Gun
– 1st Dynamic Shooting Sports Shoot Off

Mike Pan
Mike PanUSPSA Open/Carry Optics/PCC/3 Gun Tac Ops
Mike Pan started shooting sports in 2017, first making his debut with IDPA. He quickly achieved Master classification in IDPA, and decided to try something a little different. Now, Mike shoots mostly USPSA and 3Gun. He loves his Vortex red dots! In 2018, Mike shot over 50 local matches with top placements consistently, spurring him to make the jump to shooting an Atlas Gunworks pistol. Regionally local to us, Mike is here in the Northeast working hard to improve his skill set. He hopes to attend loads of major matches this season, and continue giving back to the shooting community by helping set up matches at local clubs, and introducing new shooters to the sport.
Adam Maxwell
Adam Maxwell3 Gun Open/ USPSA Limited, Open, Single Stack
Adam has been an avid participant in the shooting sports from a very young age. He started shooting IDPA in 2008 and, once firmly hooked on action shooting, USPSA and 3-gun in 2010. Adam has competed in 3-gun matches of all different sorts all over the country including the 3-Gun Nation Club, Regional, and Pro Series. In addition, Adam has been a long time Range Officer, Stage Designer and Match Director. Currently Adam is also a recurring personality on the 3-Gun Show Podcast, and works on the Military and Law Enforcement sales team for Vortex Optics.
Matt Kitzmiller
Matt Kitzmiller3Gun Open Division/USPSA Open Division
Matt shot his first pistol match at Tuesday Night Steel in Mesa, Arizona in March of 2016. He was then intrigued by USPSA, and shot his first USPSA match in April of 2016. Then, on a hot Arizona summer day in July of 2016, he shot his first 3Gun match. He competes in 3Gun at least once a month on a local level and adds more majors to his schedule every year. Matt is also a USPSA match director at Rio Salado Sportsman’s Club in Mesa, Arizona. He continues to practice and train harder, finishing in the top with every match he shoots.

Brand Ambassadors

Nate Poulson
Nate PoulsonUSPSA Limited Division/3Gun Practical Pistol
Nate first started shooting USPSA, and classified initially as a C shooter. Unhappy with that result, he trained had all winter long and made M class before the start of the following season. His determination is one of the things we look for in competitive shooters! Nate received his Nemesis in 2018 and has put several match wins between it’s sights since. Catch him in his home state of Illinois, or next door in Missouri, Iowa, and Indiana.
Kevin Harrington
Kevin Harrington3Gun Practical Pistol
Meet Kevin! He went to his first competitive shooting match on a 3 degree day in March of 2017 and never looked back. The very next day, he was listing his personal firearm collection for sale to fund upgrades better suited to 3Gun! Nowadays, you can find him all across the United States at matches, fueling the passion he discovered on that bitter cold day.
Garrett Schutz
Garrett Schutz3Gun/USPSA Open/Limited, Outlaw Matches
The name’s Garrett, but you can call him Chef, the call sign given to him in the Air Force.
When Chef was stationed in Las Vegas, he tried out a 3Gun match and was hooked on the release it gave him, as well as valuable goal setting, (and goal crushing), outside of his work life. Ever since then he’s been training hard and sharing his passion with others, working to add more members to the shooting community. Chef currently lives near White Sands National Park in New Mexico, so if you’re in his area give him a shout! Catch him at local matches nearly every weekend, and larger matches in surrounding states a few times every quarter.

The Local Team

James Fucci
James FucciUSPSA Limited Division
James is our CAD/CAM Designer! You can see him on the “Meet the Crew” page as well. James is a USPSA Limited Division GM, and shoots with us at the local matches. Recently, he’s shifted his focus towards his family and work, but still makes time for the occasional USPSA match and shooting PRS.
Randy Lopes
Randy LopesUSPSA Open Division
Another GM on our team! Randy is a GM in USPSA Open Division, and is Adam’s training partner. They also load most of their ammo together. Randy is our guinea pig for lots and lots of R&D work, prototypes, and testing. Thanks for being a good sport, Randy!
Graham Cochrane
Graham CochraneUSPSA Limited
Every team needs a southpaw, and Graham is the coolest one we could find. The life of the party, and easily the best hair on the team, Graham rolls with us to all the local matches and is excited to bring the heat with his new Nemesis.
Andy Cushing
Andy CushingUSPSA Limited Division
What’s tattooed, bearded, and lightening fast with a pistol? Andy’s easily the most inked character of the local team, spending lots of time loitering at the shop and deciding which gun he’s going to upgrade to next. Currently he sports a custom carry gun, as well as a Nemesis, but Andy’s the restless sort and is thinking about trying Open with a new Chaos for next season.
Tony Scarzello
Tony ScarzelloUSPSA Limited Division
hi Tony
Shawn Fisher
Shawn FisherUSPSA Open Division
hi Shawn