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Atlas Gunworks is proud to offer the most innovative and high-quality competition pistols available for competitive shooters. Every Atlas Gunworks handgun is hand-built and delivered within months of ordering. Pistols are available to suit all of your USPSA, IDPA, IPSC, and 3Gun needs. We are proud to offer simply the best handgun you will ever own with our 1911-style pistols, available in both single and double stack.

Need a pistol even faster? Check out our Buy Now page to see what we have in stock for immediate shipment! 

Whether you opt to order an Atlas Model, go Full Custom, or buy one of our In-Stock pistols, you can rest assured that you are getting the best of the best when it comes not only to the performance of the pistol, but also with the company. Atlas Gunworks is committed to providing top of the line customer service, answering the phone and returning calls immediately. We urge you to call, or email us today for a quote on your dream gun.

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Perfect Hammer and Sear Engagement

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Reliable Lockback 2.0 for 2011s

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Lock Back Slide Stop and Mag Tuning

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Reloading Videos and Blogs

Atlas Gunworks Reloading Bench, Reloading 40 SW

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I received my Atlas 2011 – it is a masterpiece!

This 9mm is the coolest gun ever!  My Business partner, Janos, would like to order one!
Clay S.
Gun arrived safely yesterday, it looks bad ass!  Can’t wait to get it to the range and put some rounds through it.
Peter D.
I went out and shot this week end. The gun is awesome, I love it.It performed perfectly!
Clay S.
I fired 100+ rounds of 115 & 147 grain bullets from 4 different magazines – FLAWLESS!

Took the new 40 Single Stack out today, and it was amazingly accurate.  My wife also shot it and was very impressed with it as I am. Thanks for a great competition pistol.
Scott M.

Just a quick note to let you know that I was able to shoot it for the first time last night, and what a pleasure it was. Ran perfectly, shot wonderfully, & really looks great.

Jason C.

Thanks again for the awesome gun. I took it up to the Nordic/Vortex Tri-Gun match and it was flawless. I even dropped a mag in the fine sand, shoot it quick, and proceeded to shoot. After watching a bunch of other 2011 pistols die on various stages, it just reassured my purchase.

Jonathan M.

I was finally able to take out my new Titan SE and I am simply amazed! I had no idea how the gun would look and when I finally saw it, I couldn’t believe my eyes. It is literally the most beautiful gun I have ever seen, I could not be happier with the outcome. Aside from how sexy it is, it performs even better. The craftsmanship is absolutely flawless, it is like an old school Singer sewing machine. I was hitting consecutive .2 seconds splits in the A zone at 10 yards. This pistol is worth every penny and I feel like you were underpaid for it. My wife was so impressed by it now she wants one for herself. Sorry for the long email I know you are a busy man, thanks again I will be an Atlas shooter for life.

Dan S.

Amazing. Better shooter than I am. Some fun work ahead to work up to the pistols capabilities.

Jeffrey M.

I own a 40 Titan and a 9mm custom by Atlas with two slides. I love them both. And Adam dealt with my persistant barrage of questions tions without a hitch. 5 stars to ATLAS.

Craig Cannella

The fit and finish on my custom from Adam and his crew is top notch. And the customer service, for God’s sake I wish you a hearty client base but I hope your service never changes! I don’t think anyone can deliver this quality, in this time frame, or this customer service hands down.

Jennifer Gasparas

The gun looks and feels great! Thanks to all of you at Atlas Gunworks! The buying experience was second to none. I never felt like I was a hassle (even though I may have been), everyone I spoke with was extremely friendly and generous with their time. The letter was a nice touch as well. Keep up the great work! I could not be more pleased (except maybe when I finally get to put some rounds down the tube(s)). You guys went above and beyond. Literally. Thanks again!

Stephen Lee

Please pass on my thanks to the Atlas team, the gun is great. It’s such a quality piece I almost feel unworthy.  I’ve had a lot of name guns Cheely, Millennium,  CK, Beddell, Brazos, a myriad of Factory STI’s, and worked on others .. this is the first gun not only hands down best quality but the first to actually have the sear nose resting on both hammer hooks evenly .. I know crazy little thing , but to make it even means you really tried.

Chad Rutherford