AGW Perfect Hammer and Sear Kit


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Atlas Gunworks Perfect Match Hammer & Sear

  • EGW Lightened Hammer (part #10202)
  • EGW Hard Sear (part #10040)
  • EGW Hammer Strut Stainless (part #10170)
  • EGW Hammer Pin (part #10031-7)

Hammer and Sear are matched under a microscope for ideal geometry – just like we do in all of our Atlas Gunworks pistols.

Pre-Matching optimizes the hammer and sear engagement for the maximum engagement with the correct angle for a perfect break.

16 in stock


Introducing: The Atlas Gunworks Perfect Hammer/Sear Kit!

Here at Atlas Gunworks, we aim to provide you with the best pistols, parts, and tools. We only sell parts that we use in our pistol builds! Now, we’re proud to offer pre-matched hammer and sear kits! We match these parts under a microscope for ideal geometry of the two parts. This optimizes the engagement and insures correct angle right from the get go.

These parts still need gunsmith fitting & adjustment.


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