Atlas Gunworks Chaos


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Atlas Gunworks Chaos

  •  Suitability
    • USPSA Open Division
    • 3Gun Unlimited Division
    • IPSC Open Division
  • Caliber: 9mm, 38SC
  • Tri-top, lightened slide
  • PT EVO Steel Grip
  • X-Line Vario Trigger
  • KKM Bull Barrel
  • Atlas Gunworks Titanium Compensator
  • Stroked
  • Ported Barrel
  • AGW Reflex Optic Mount
  • Red Dot Optic Options
  • Flared Ejection Port
  • Magwell Options – Comes Standard with Atlas Aluminum Magwell (Regular or Large Hands)
  • Ships with memory foam case and (1) 140mm Magazine

Coating Options:

  1. Two Tone: DLC Black/Satin Silver
    1. Black Parts: Frame, Slide, Compensator, Firing Pin Stop, Extractor, Grip, Grip Screws, Mainspring Housing
    2. Silver Parts: Everything Else
  2. All DLC Black (+$100)


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The Atlas Gunworks Chaos is a fully hand-built masterpiece. Your search for the fastest, flattest shooting race gun ends here. Atlas Gunworks is proud to include the Chaos in our line of reliable, performance pistols. Running

We started with one of our favorites: the Phoenix Trinity EVO Grip. Grippy, ergonomic, and damn heavy! It’s an open guns dream come true. Next we fit it with a perfect sub-2lb trigger and stack it with a long dustcover frame, lightened slide, ported barrel and titanium grip. Lastly, we top it all off with our Reflex Mount, red dot of your choice, and Brazos racker. All together, these parts make up the most highly engineered race gun on the planet.

The Atlas Gunworks Chaos was designed to crush the competition and bring your game to the next level. Order today to start your gun, built just for you.

Additional information


9mm, 38 Super Comp

Trigger Shoe

Curved Short, Curved Medium, Curved Long, Flat Extra Short, Flat Short, Flat Medium, Flat Long

Trigger Color

Gray, Silver, Black, Blue, Red, Gold

Optic and Mount

DeltaPoint Pro 2.5MOA with Mount, C-More RTS2 6MOA with Mount, C-More RTS2 8MOA with Mount, Vortex Razor 6MOA with Mount, Vortex Venom 6MOA with Mount, Sig Romeo3 3MOA with Mount, Holosun 510C with Mount

Basepad Color

Black, Blue, Gray, Red

11 reviews for Atlas Gunworks Chaos

  1. Casey Ryan

    My Chaos is the nicest gun I’ve ever handled. The fit and finish is incredible, it operates like it’s on glass, and recoil is as close to non-existent as a gun can be. Atlas is the best and most professional gun builder I’ve worked with (including several other reputable competition gunsmiths). It is worth the short wait and you’re hard earned money. I will be buying a second one in the future!

  2. Cliff Corpuz

    I think there guns work flawlessly, I’m really watching close on the chaos open gun in 38 supper comp with hybrid barrel from shhueman 3 port barrel with 32 twist (Wilson/nolin cut).

  3. Gloria Michele Price

    I love my Chaos. The gun is so balanced and smooth with Super fast return to zero. . I am so glad I made this purchase. It was so worth it. Thank you!

  4. Chuck Emery

    My Chaos is a gem! The accuracy, workmanship, and overall performance far exceeds anything I have purchased or commissioned to be built. The finish work along with the exceptional fit and performance make the Chaos a special competition ready gun. I purchased the Chaos with the objective of having a fast return to zero while shooting a major power factor load – the actual performance exceeded my expectation.

    Adam spent a considerable amount of time prior to the purchase discussing the pros and cons of 9mm major vs. 38 SC major. His generosity with his time and expertise were important factors in my purchasing the Chaos. I had watched many of his videos but interacting with Adam answered many questions that arose during my research and analysis not covered by videos.

    Working with Cat during the purchase and delivery process was smooth and executed perfectly. The Atlas Team is top notch and I most certainly will be a return customer. Thanks to all the Team who make the process so efficient and the product exceptional!!!!

  5. Alex B. (verified owner)

    I didn’t really understand how great the Chaos system was until I had a few thousand rounds through it. It is so far ahead of the older open gun designs that it almost feels like cheating. The return to zero design is legitimate and with practice this gun is easier to control and faster than other manufacturer’s designs.

    Adam and Cat are great to work with and they’ve been very accommodating. They are top tier service professionals!

  6. Jim Boone

    I have a pair of Chaos in 9mm major and can’t say enough good things. The guns work.

    The team at Atlas was great from the start, helped me decide what I needed on the pistol, what I didn’t need, and delivered my guns quickly.

    Highly recommended

  7. Garrett Schutz

    The Chaos was the second Atlas pistol I got. I bought it used in 38SC from a left handed shooter. Atlas worked with me to get a 9mm barrel fit and converted the gun the right for me. Gun shoots super flat and runs great. Currently setup with holosun 507c and a gas pedal. Return to zero is great with my 173PF load. Have seen multiple other companies gun go done with the dust where I live, southern NM, and the chaos has never had an issue. Cannot overstate how well this gun performs best open gun for USPSA in my mind.

  8. Jonathan Stephenson

    There are many places you can spend your money when it comes to open guns but Atlas is the best! The Chaos is an amazing gun but what sets Atlas apart from other companies is they care about you! Any issues or problems and they take immediate care of you. What’s nice is they build their guns to last and run so issues and problems are few! I love my Chaos and I know it will run when I need to in a match! Just make sure to buy 2 because one is fun but two is better:)

  9. Charles Emery

    Liked the gun so much I purchased two, but with different optics. I was cautious or apprehensive about buying a 9mm major gun, but a long conversation with Adam and now many rounds down range, it works beyond expectations. It is definitely nice not to have to be a “brass rat” looking for the expensive super comp casings- just a side benefit!

    Had trouble getting it back together after cleaning and Adam shared several videos that solved the problem. Great support and responsiveness to “user problems”! Thanks

  10. Jordan B

    The Atlas chaos is a work of art. I own two and am constantly blown away by the craftsmanship in these pistols. The return to zero is incredible, both of mine are in 9 major, and I’ve had zero issues with these. They just keep running! The crew at atlas is insane, and stand behind they’re product. You wont be disappointed!

  11. Tyler Weatherwax

    This gun is the definition of superiority. Fit and finish are top notch. The lines are clean and the performance is outstanding.

    I’ve had this gun for a year and a half now with 40k+ rounds on all original parts. My powder isn’t particularly clean and I certainly don’t baby it but it goes bang every time I pull the trigger. Best part about buying a Chaos is the customer service that comes with the sale.

    Highly recommended!

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