Atlas Gunworks Duty Ready STI 2011® Magazines


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Atlas Gunworks is happy to offer STI 2011® Magazines, Duty Ready!

Our Duty Ready Mags feature:

  • Hand Tuning to perfect body dimensions, feed lip width, and ability to drop free without a single catch.
  • STI Gen 2 Lockback Follower
  • Atlas Gunworks Overpowered Spring
  • STI Basepads
  • Available in 120mm, 126mm, and 140mm lengths


Atlas Gunworks is proud to offer STI 2011® Gen 2 Magazines! The Gen 2 Magazines are manufactured out of 410 stainless steel, producing a magazine with longer life and greater strength. Atlas Gunworks put these mags through their paces for a year before offering them for retail sale. These magazines are hand tuned by our staff here, getting all the right dimensions. They also get the STI spring replaced with our overpowered one, to ensure reliable lockback function. Ideal for duty, carry, or IDPA, these mags are ready to rock!

Atlas Owners: These guys will work great in your Titan Operator, Nyx, or Helios. This is the spring/follower combination you want for reliable lockback!

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9mm, 40 SW


120mm, 126mm, 140mm


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