HYPERION – 9mm – All DLC Black – Tactical


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Atlas Gunworks Hyperion

  • Suitability:
    • 3Gun Practical Pistol (Limited)
    • USPSA Limited Division (Minor Only)
    • 2Gun Practical Pistol (Limited)
    • Precision Rifle Series (PRS)
    • IPSC Standard Division
  • Caliber: 9mm
  • Tri-topped and Lightened Slide Cut to 4.6″
  • Polished Flats on the Slide
  • 4.6″ Full Dustcover Steel Frame (with or without Tactical Rail)
  • Bull Barrel
  • Perfect Zero Engineering (sight returns to perfect zero with correct ammunition and medium-firm grip pressure)
  • Ideal Balance and Weight for 3Gun Courses that require movement with a loaded gun over obstacles.
  • Sub 2lb Trigger
  • Cheely Aluminum E2 Grip
  • X-Line Vario Trigger
  • Ships with (1) 140mm Magazine and Memory Foam Case

5 in stock

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Introducing the Atlas Gunworks Hyperion 3Gun Pistol!

Atlas Gunworks is proud to be at the height of handgun innovation, constantly striving to bring the best competition pistols to the market. The Hyperion is the ultimate gun for running through courses that require movement over obstacles with a loaded handgun. With the Titan and the Nemesis dominating in USPSA, our next attack was to optimize a build for 3Gunners. First, we went with the new Cheely Custom Gunworks E2 Grip in Aluminum. We love that grip’s texture, ergonomic design, and reduced weight. Next, we cut it back to 4.6″ for even less weight and Perfect Zero Engineering. Lastly, we do what we always do and filled it with only the best parts. The Hyperion was born to crush the competition at your next 3Gun event.

Additional information

Trigger Shoe

Flat Long, Flat Medium, Flat Short, Flat Extra Short, Curved Long, Curved Medium, Curved Short

Trigger Color

Gray, Silver, Black, Blue, Red, Gold

Cheely Magwell System

Small IDPA/IPSC Magwell, Regular Magwell (with insert), Large Hands Magwell (with insert)

Basepad Color

Black, Blue, Gray, Red


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