Atlas Gunworks Nemesis


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Atlas Gunworks Nemesis Sightblock

  • Suitability:
    • USPSA Limited Division
    • 3 Gun Practical Pistol Division
  • Caliber: 40SW, 9mm
  • Tri-top and lightened slide
  • Perfect Zero Engineering (sight returns to zero with correct loads)
  • Custom-Built Sightblock
  • PT EVO Grip
  • X-Line Vario Trigger
  • KKM Bull Barrel 5.0 (OAL)
  • Flared Ejection Port
  • Magwell Options
  • Sub 2.0 lb perfect trigger
  • Tool-less Guide Rod
  • Polished Flats on Slide, Frame, and Sightblock
  • Ships with memory foam case and 1 – 140mm Magazine
  • Extra Mags Available for purchase
  • See Warranty/Policy Tab for Deposit Terms

Coating Options:

  1. Two Tone: DLC Black/Satin Silver
    1. Black Parts: Frame, Slide, Sightblock, Firing Pin Stop, Extractor, Grip, Grip Screws, Mainspring Housing
    2. Silver Parts: Everything Else!
  2. All DLC Black (+$100)
  3. Gradient: PVD Smoked Gray/DLC Black
    1. Gray Parts: Frame, Slide, Sightblock, Firing Pin Stop, Extractor
    2. Black Parts: Everything Else

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Atlas Gunworks offers a deposit option on all of our pistols.

To make a deposit, select “YES – Make a Deposit”. The amount due now will decrease, and a member of our team will send you an invoice for the remaining amount. The remaining amount is due upon completion of your pistol. See full terms under our Warranty/Policies tab.

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The Atlas Gunworks Nemesis Sightblock pistol is at the height of handgun innovation. With it’s front fixed sightblock, there is less reciprocating weight on the slide of this 2011-style handgun, as well as a immobile front fiber optic sight.

The Atlas Gunworks Nemesis employs Perfect Zero Engineering. Perfectly designed and tested to “return to zero” after every shot with the correct ammunition loads. This sightblock is not a compensator, making it legal for use in limited divisions where comps are prohibited. Atlas Gunworks is proud to use only the best parts available. The Nemesis was born to breathe fire at your next USPSA match in the Limited Division. The Nemesis is also suitable for 3Gun, in the Practical Pistol Division. Get it in DLC Black, or up the style factor with a PVD Smoked Gray upgrade on the Frame, Slide, and Sightblock. Like to get dirty in the dark? No problem. The Nemesis is available with a tactical rail for all your light and gadget mounting needs for those nighttime matches.



Additional information


9mm, 40 SW

Trigger Shoe

Curved Short, Curved Medium, Curved Long, Flat Extra Short, Flat Short, Flat Medium, Flat Long

Trigger Color

Gray, Silver, Black, Blue, Red, Gold

Basepad Color

Black, Blue, Gray, Red

11 reviews for Atlas Gunworks Nemesis

  1. Mr. Dillon

    I don’t know where to start but I can certainly say that this handgun is fabulous. From the perfect presentation with the nice letter and the perfect soft gun case to the lights out first 4 shots. I literally took the gun from the case and walked into the range not knowing what to expect. I loaded up the tuned 20 round magazine took a look down the barrel and squeezed off 4 rounds to find all 4 rounds hit the zero bullseye together. Yes, I said one on top of the other. I couldn’t believe it until I painted the zero bullseye with the last 16 rounds. I know that there are a lot of other custom competition gun makers out there but Atlas Gunworks makes a custom handgun as good as or better than all the rest. So, lets let, the elephant out of the room and make this bold statement that Atlas Gunworks produces handguns on the level of Infinity…yes Infinity. All you have to do is be patience for the next 3 to 4 months and you will have a gun as fine as waiting 16 months for an Infinity. I know, I know, I know but it’s true and all you have to do is order one of Atlas Gunworks custom handguns and you will be converted too. I can’t wait to talk with Adam Nilson owner and master gunsmith again because I am ready to buy another custom gun. One last but very important point is there level of customer service which is the finest. If you have a question or need something clarified you can reach Adam that day or at the latest the next day and he will explain things with you at a level you can understand. Finally, look up the definition of Nemesis and you too will understand.

  2. Mr. Dillon

    When you think a handcrafted specialty gun company couldn’t out do themselves they did. I liked my 40cal Nemesis so much from Atlas Gunworks that I bought another one. Every handcrafted custom gun has a different sound when fired, that “note” only you would now when your gun is fired. Like a child crying and you know which one it is just by it’s cry. Your custom gun is made the same way but it’s characteristics are different. This new 40cal Nemesis shoots “lights out”. It’s hard to describe how one gun is more accurate than another gun that is already perfectly accurate. but it is possible. The finally turned 20 round magazines that come with the gun fired all 20 rounds “dead centered” with a majority of the rounds going into the same whole as the previous one you fired from 40 feet. What can I say about this gun, it’s “one mean mamba jamba”. Yes, I said “one mean mamba jamba”. A bad _ssed hand gun. So what can I do but buy a third Atlas handgun. Will it be a 9mm or the fire breathing dragon all custom Chaos. Wait for my review coming soon and thank you Adam, Cat and all the other tireless employees at Atlas Gunworks whom have the best customer service of any gun company. See you shooting somewhere soon.

  3. Joe Stagner

    The problem with my Atlas Nemesis is – I just want ANOTHER one! (I got mine in .40 S&W for USPSA Limited and now I want one in 9mm)

    As an engineer, every gun I’ve ever purchased has been an exercise in “re-engineering”. You know, fix the trigger, improve the reliability, etc.

    The Nemesis is PERFECT just they way it is.

    When I first took the gun out of the cool field case it comes in, I was stunned by the simple beauty of the gun itself. It’s an amazing piece of engineering and machine work. It’s almost too pretty to shoot.

    But man does it shoot!

    When Cat at Atlas (who is AWESOME) first called me to ask about my hand size (and other custom desires) I wasn’t sure how much difference that could make but when I received the gun, it has the perfect fit for my hands.

    The trigger measures a 1lb 10oz release (that’s not a typo) with a perfect “glass break” and no real pre or over travel. The sights are exact and the gun shoots to point of impact. My “one-hole drill” was actually one jagged hole and I was hitting the gong on the rifle range, hand held, from 100 yards.

    You would think that with such a light trigger pull there would be issues with light strikes and 2011 pistols are supposed to be “finicky” about feeding, but so far, my Atlas Nemesis has fed and fired everything that I have tested. (155gr, 165,gr, 180gr factory loads and a collection of my own reloads.)

    And, the folks at Atlas are just awesome – “custom” means personal service. I received regular status updates on my gun from Cat, and Adam (the company owner) even called me with an update and filled my head with all kinds of great gear and reloading info.

    Sure, they cost more than an assembly line gun, and yes, a custom-built gun takes a few months to build but MAN is it worth it.

    My only worry now is that I’ll embarrass by Nemesis this shooting season because IT shoots better than I do!

  4. richb2

    I WISH! I WISH I HAD BOUGHT THIS YEARS AGO! I would have saved a lot of money! I’ve had this Nemisis only a couple of weeks and it is an incredible hand gun. I hope Adam was right about how long it will last because I ordered another 1000 rounds of ammo for it last night. It is so fun to shoot. Not one stove pipe, jamb, mis feed, or problem. Runs like a finely tuned sowing machine. I hope it shoots 250,000 and yes i’ll replace a barrel or two I’m sure.
    My shooting buddy yelled at me for getting it. My other race pistols pretty much have been unused since receiving this. I know I need to keep shooting them but do so only to let this one cool off, so to speak!
    I am already thinking of buying another!
    If you do not like shooting don’t buy one. If you don’t like buying ammo don’t buy one. My shooting buddies have said I cheat now they are really saying it. It is like shooting a laser beam. We cut cards, shoot golf balls, steel, already been shooting at 70, 85 yards, in addition, of course our competitions, even shot holes in pennies.


    Adam and Cat were great to deal with. I love the red touches too.

    Thank you !


  5. C Tanner

    What can I say, but the Nemesis kicks ass! From the first time you rack the slide or pull the trigger you and everyone’s first word will be WHOA. Smoothest/tightest slide and the trigger pull is amazing – like breaking glass, no slop, PERFECT. My STI DVC is not in the same universe as this gun. Talked to Adam changed the spring and went straight to easy double A’s. Went blacked out with a red short flat trigger (first time I’ve ever thought to measure my hand to figure out the trigger shoe size) Adam talked me through everything and answered my calls even after hours and on weekends. Guy is truly passionate and knowledgeable. Mine is in 9mm and shoots flat as hell for 3-Gun. Its a bit of a pig at 52oz empty, but I haven’t had any issues on the run with it. Would really be interested to try this same configuration with the E2 alum grip and Cheely correcting magwell. Can’t wait to buy another one and a Nyx!

  6. Mike Coreia (verified owner)

    They’re not lying about the return to zero. This pistol just does anything you ask it to do. There is a bit of a learning curve with it but you won’t be disappointed once you get it figured out. On top of all that, the customer service is top notch. Adam and Cat go above and beyond for their customers.


  7. Alexandro Trevino

    I took a leap of faith and it was worth it. I ordered the Nemesis. It took about as long as they anticipated to receive it. The gun using a load that makes 170pf was perfect. The muzzle doesn’t dip and it returns to zero perfectly. I was skeptical at first but it does. My first match with it was the USPSA LIMITED NATIONALS in Utah. It was amazing shooting this pistol vs my old STI. I didn’t think it would be so much more superior to it but it is. I’m already trying to figure out how to buy another.

  8. David Lund (verified owner)

    I own a few high end competition pistols. By and far my Atlas pistols are my favorites. They are unbelievably accurate, like 12” plates at 80 yards accurate. And they run so well. AGW’s customer service is at a level that others should strive for. The best I have ever dealt with.

  9. Jordan Barno

    Theres a lot to be said about the nemesis.. I bought this pistol only to shoot indoor matches in the winter, (also own two atlas chaos’ in open which is my primary division). I was blown away by how flat this thing shoots! And the return to zero for me at 171pf is incredible. As always the craftsmanship is bar none and the customer service at Atlas is Fantastic. Top of the line company.

  10. Carlos Perazza

    Purchased my second Atlas. The Nemesis has proven an outstanding gun. There is a little of learning curve, but the accuracy and return to zero have been as advertised. As noted on other reviews, Atlas customer service is being part of a family. Since day one Cat and Adam have made themselves available to answer any questions.

    Quality products drives you to the top in the industry, but great customer service keeps you there!

  11. Tim Bowden

    Took my Nemesis out for it’s first range day today and I was not disappointed. Everything I read in the other reviews was spot on, here are a couple of my observations. First, “return to zero” is not hype; the first aimed pair was about 1.5 inches apart at 10 yards with a 0.15 split. Next,the balance of this gun is in a league of it’s own, I tried some strong hand / weak hand shooting at 15 yards and it was unlike any other gun I’ve shot before. I found myself pushing the speed just to find the ragged edge, I was able to shoot much faster than normal with greater accuracy. Weak hand head shots at 20 yards seemed like a warm up exercise. Finally those high rise safety’s, where have you been all my life.

    The fit and finish is fantastic and the trigger was so good I was a little nervous at first, but after spending some focused time adapting to it, it’s awesome.

    Looking forward to many years of solid performance from this beast.

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