Spring Tester with Electronic Scale


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Secure Firearm Products Spring Tester

  • Determine if the coil springs in your firearm need replacing
  • Organize and label loose springs in your range bag or on your work bench

One of our #1 Rules: ALWAYS test springs! NEVER trust the packaging!

1 in stock


One of our #1 Rules: ALWAYS test springs! NEVER trust the packaging!

Replacing and maintaining your gunsprings is a cheap and easy way to avoid future problems. It’s important to know exactly what pressure springs you’re running in your gun for optimal performance and fine tuning capabilities. This spring tester with electronic scale is a quick and easy way to check your spring pressures and ensure that you know exactly what springs are going into your race gun. We recommend testing springs prior to installation (the packaging isn’t always correct!) and periodically re-testing. Recoil springs should be replaced when they loose pressure, or have reached their maximum round counts as recommended below.

Replace Your Recoil Spring When:

  • Springs loose .75lbs of pressure from when originally installed
  • Open Gun: 6,000 – 8,000 rounds
  • Limited Gun: 8,000 – 10,000 rounds


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