TITAN 9MM – Regular Frame – Custom Color- AG0435


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Atlas Gunworks Titan

July 1, 2019: The Titan is IN STOCK! All option combinations that are in-stock and available will ship in 30 days or less to your FFL. If the one you want is out of stock, check our dealer network! You may also email cat@atlasgunworks.com to inquire about restock dates.

  • Suitability
    • USPSA Limited Division
    • 3 Gun Practical Pistol


  • Tri-top and lightened slide
  • PT EVO Grip
  • X-Line Vario Trigger
  • KKM Bull Barrel 5.0
  • Flared Ejection Port
  • Tooless Guide Rod
  • Matte Finish
  • Ships with box and 1 – 140mm Magazine


  • Chrome: Slide, FPS, Extractor
  • Hunter Green Color Match: Medium Curved Trigger and Aluminum Magwell
  • Black: Everything Else


1 in stock

Magazines *


The Atlas Gunworks Titan is our original, first of it’s class, fully hand-built speed shooting machine. Custom, built-to-order, and flawlessly executed. Designed with both function and beauty in mind, all of the Atlas Gunworks pistols are top notch. The Titan is no exception. Are you ready to step up your shooting game? Well you’re in the right place.

We use only the most requested and reliable 1911/2011 parts. First, we started with the coveted Phoenix Trinity EVO Grip. Solid steel and aggressively textured, this grip is ready to rock. Going up, your Atlas Gunworks Titan will come outfit with the tightest slide-frame fit that has ever graced human hands. The tri-topped and strategically lightened slide is nice on the eyes, and on the recoil. Top it all off with an X-Line Vario Trigger System with an absolutely perfect sub-2lb trigger, and you’re in business.

This pistol is ready to conquer at your next match in USPSA Limited Division or 3Gun Practical Pistol. Like to play in the dark? No problem! You can order yours with a tactical railed frame for all of your gadget mounting needs.



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