– [Adam] Hey everybody,
Adam from Atlas Gunworks

talking about mag springs for the STI mags

and the Gen2 Followers.

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(gun fires)

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Alright, getting in to this,
the mags for the lock back

on the 211s, you’ve seen
us talk about ’em a lot,

but they’re getting a lot better,

and things are always happening,

and here at Atlas Gunworks,
we’ve just come out with a,

we had a plus 10 percent spring.

This is our new plus 15s.

So factory STI, they
actually just upped theirs.

They got a little more
spring power in theirs,

but we went even bigger
and better with ours.

So you get some super positive lock back.

So for instance, 126 Mag
in a Helios, Gen2 Follower,

nice positive full engagement there, and

you can get that really consistently

across a batch of mags.

Sometimes a little tuning required,

but nothing too terribly crazy.

So here’s some of the updates

that have gone on with the STI Followers.

The original Follower…

looked a lot like this Follower.

We’ll go up here in the light,

but didn’t have these
little recessed pockets,

and then, they came out with this Follower

for a short period of time.

So these are Gen2 Followers.

So if you see these,
it’s definitely a Gen2,

and then if you see one
that looks like this,

you gotta look and see if these
little pockets are recessed,

and then you gotta measure this part.

So where the Gen2s are
different than the Gen1s,

and this is all for a Gen2
Mag not the old old ones,

that’s a whole different animal,

but you gotta measure here

and you’re gonna get somewhere
between higher than 570.

If you measure up a little bit,

you’re gonna get in the 580s.

So, that’s how you’re gonna
tell if it’s a wide one or not,

and what this does…

Yeah, 585, 590, somewhere
in there in the wide.

So if you’ve got one that looks like this,

and it doesn’t have these two pockets,

measure here, you probably
got an original one.

They ran those for
about a year and a half,

I think, two years maybe.

Probably closer to a year and a half.

What we’re seeing with the factory Mags

is that they take a pretty good set,

and then they don’t have quite the pop.

So we get a plus 10 percent spring made.

It was definitely an improvement.

We liked it.

Want a little more horsepower,

and now the plus 15 spring’s here,

and it’s working really really well.

It’s super consistent.

That’s how you identify
your Gen2 Follower,

and the nice thing about the Gen2s

is because they’re wider
they don’t tilt in the mags,

and then the extra spring
combined with that,

and we can across five
or six mags at the set,

get nice positive lock back.

So there’s our plus 15 spring.

You’ll see that on the website soon,

and hopefully I see you
guys on the range soon.

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