Removing the 1911 and 2011 Guide Rod is easy! Adam walk you through it in this short video.

– Hey everybody, Adam
from Atlas Gun Works.

We’re gonna talk today,
or show you how, actually

to take a full length guide
rod out of a 19- or 2011.

The process is the same.

And then we’ll explain the
difference between full length

guide rod and a tool-less guide rod.

(uptempo music)

(gun firing)

All right here we go.

It’s going to be this simple.

First thing is get the slide off the gun.

Other videos should explain
that, but basically you’re gonna

get the slide stop out of the gun.

Some of the guns fight you
a little bit more on that.

See we host is angry today.

So slide the stop out,
slide comes forward.

So I’ve got a full length
guide rod in this gun.

Sometimes with the shorter
guns and depending on

what spring set up this is
actually a four-and-a-quarter gun

that we run with a full length
government slide cut back

and then we run a wire spring in here

that’s not really super important.

But what you’re gonna
do is, you’re gonna take

this guide rod, now if
you had a government model

I should say it would be a
short stubby one like that.

It will just fly out of the
back and you just put it back

the same way essentially.

They’re a little harder to assemble but

with the full length
ones what we’re gonna do

is just push this all the way forward.

Now, in our five-inch guns, Dawson makes

a five-inch tool-less
one where you just tip

this little lever, the lever
then works like a catch

and lets it catch as
it comes back through.

So you’ll see I’m going to
do this with a paperclip.

So I’m gonna take a brand new paperclip

and gonna put this down for one second.

So I’m just taking a brand
new paperclip, super easy.

That’s the most common way
you see everybody do it.

I won’t need the whole paperclip

so I’m gonna cut just the tail end off.

Make the paperclip relatively straight.

I’m just gonna bend a
little hook in the tip.

Nice short hook.

When you push this through,
I’m pushing it through

the reverse plug, which is right here

and we’re gonna capture that
and the reverse plug together

and then we’re gonna bring them
out of the back of the gun.

So that’s just catching
on the reverse plug.

If I was running a tool-less guide rod,

this lever would just tip
up and do the same thing.

So, they don’t make four-inch
tool-less ones that work

in these set ups.

So, now I’ve got this whole
thing captured as a unit.

Set it aside.

Good idea to wear safety protection,

sometimes these things
pop apart and fly out

and your barrel comes out of your gun.

Installation is the reverse,
barrel comes back in the gun.

This is a bull barrel, if
there is a bush in there

you have to take the bush out.

We’re gonna push this
forward, un-capture the pin,

slide it back, gun goes together.

So, had a bunch of guys lately asking

how they get the full
length guide rods out.

That is the simplest way.

I always keep one of
those paperclips in my bag

if I have one of those, just in case.

Some of the companies,
Wilson tends to send

the head of a nail just clipped
off so they just take a nail

and clip it off and stick it
through there but the paperclip

seems to work really well,

that seems to be the common practice.

So we’ll get this gun back
together and make sure everything

worked out the way it was supposed to.

Good to go.

Just make sure you do a full
cycle, test that it’s working.

But, all you need is a pair
of pliers and a paperclip.

You could probably do it with
your fingers if you had to.

Hope to see you guys on the range soon.

(Heavy music)