Hey everybody. I’m from Atlas Gunworks. Firing pin test today.

I want to make sure our firing pin’s got good engagement. What’s the easiest way to do this? Number two pencil. Make sure you’ve got a little bit of a lead, or a lead, eraser base on there so that we don’t hurt the firing pin.

Hold the gun like this. Boom.

I want it to shoot out of there pretty good. If you can’t get a pencil to leave your gun, you got a problem. There’s a couple of factors here. But if you’re having ignition problems the absolute first thing to check is your cases. You want to make sure that you’re primer is seated all the way in the cup of the rim of the case, and not seated back a little. If it’s seated back a little, when the firing pin hits it, it will seat the primer all the way, and then the second time if you cock the gun and shot it again, it would usually go bang.

Check your primers first, if your primer’s are good, then we got to do a little more research and typically the next thing to do is to wiggle here. We want this to be tight, so I don’t want any play here. That’s checking the length of your hammer strut. The next thing to check is to make sure that if you take the main spring out, that your main spring is moving freely inside of that housing and that the spring’s working properly or hasn’t broken.

Then the other options in there are maybe that we’ve got a broken firing pin spring or somethings obstructing that tunnel or that the firing pin, and this is the most common, that the firing pin is bent. What you get with the firing pins is, a lot of the times this is very common, USPSA type guns, ’cause we’re drive firing the guns a lot. You’re drive firing, the firing pin will come through, you’ve got a case in the chamber that as no primer; a dummy round, the flash hole in that case is not centered, so the firing pin comes in, catches the edge of that case, it centers itself going through that hole and that bends the tip of the firing pin and then your firing pin drags and causes problems. A lot of times you’ll get intermittent problems that way.

This is the test. If it’s not doing this, start doing some problem solving. But if it passes that test, then it’s probably something other than the ignition part of the gun.

Adam Nilson:
Hope that was helpful. Hope to see you guys on the range soon.