The Essence of the Atlas Gunworks Full Custom Pistol

As an athlete, an enthusiast, and a salesperson, I am often asked to articulate or quantify the value of my custom Atlas Gunworks pistol and its comparable and lesser peers.  Something along the lines of “Is it worth it?” seems to always be the question. Something so subjective, so tangible, is extremely hard to articulate into words, especially when every gun writer and nickel gun store salesman has cheapened most of the terms I would use by associating them with…well…lesser pistols. A pistol like this costs so much, what does it do that a lesser pistol will not? I can assure you that the value is real though, so apparent to the touch that when people ask to handle mine I ask them, “Are you sure you want to?” Once they do, as was the case with me, there is no turning back and nothing less will do.

The best analogy I can come up with to describe my Atlas pistol in comparison to others is it’s like a well-trained dog. What? A dog? Well, any dog can be a pet and a companion, but look at some of the utilitarian and professional uses of trained canines. With refinement and training dogs natural abilities can be enhanced to work with their handlers for detection, retrieving, protection, or even guidance. Well, if a pistol is synonymous with a dog, and a 2011 the finest purebred money can buy, Atlas Gun Works is the finest trainer a puppy can be sent to. My Atlas pistol was neither my first pistol, nor 2011 or even the most expensive. It was, however, the first pistol I ever bought that just knows what it is supposed to do from the first time I ever laid a hand on it. We didn’t need to get to know each other. I did not need to acclimate or transition to it. From two brief conversations on the phone, Atlas Gunworks built me exactly the pistol I didn’t even know I needed in way I may never be able to adequately describe. With proper guidance, when I present this pistol, it just knows what to do. Every Atlas customer I have ever talked to, and every shooter I have ever showed mine to has felt the same way. We end up just nodding in agreement with each other at a loss for words.

I’ve been very fortunate to handle, shoot and even own many fine handguns, but never one quite like an Atlas. The fit is so natural, the action so smooth and the handling so intuitive. When I give it the command, it executes every time. The sights just find the target, the reloads are seamless, and the shots just happen at the mere thought of them. There are a lot of pistolsmiths that make fine pistols. Few- if any- have mastered perfection of the type the way Atlas Gunworks has. The attention to detail, the mill work, the fitting, and the timing they have achieved with these machines is astonishing. They are simply world class. For the serious shooter, they are the pistol- perfected.

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