Titan Operator Bench Video Atlas Gunworks Duty Class 2011 Style Pistol
– Everybody Adam from Atlas Gun Works,

showing off a Titan Operator today.

And what makes the
Operator a little different

than the normal Titan is we don’t

go all the way through
on the slide cuts here

but still have a nice weight to the slide

for good return to zero
when the gun’s recoiling

and we run an aluminum grip,

with smooth face so we
can run grip tape on that.

This is a rubber grip tape
that won’t do any damage

to any clothing very popular with duty.

Everyday carry duty type work,

they also make sandpaper
in different grits

that you can run so you get
some different traction.

They come with our tactical MAG weld,

you can run them with or without that.

Fixed rear sight made by us.

A fiber front sight or a
Tritium front sights available.

Runs our slide stop.

The new slide stop feature works well

with the new STI Gen
two followers and mags.

They’ve changed this follower design

so that now it doesn’t float
left to right on the bottom

and we come out with an overpower spring

so that way a little bit of tube tuning

and these things are super reliable,

works super well.

Geppert triggers so you
can get any size or length.

Super important to having a gun shoot well

for anyone is that the
trigger runs 90 degrees,

their trigger finger to their body.

It’s not pointed way out or pointed way in

so you can get different sizes,

flat and curved are both available

in different colors of course too

but super easy, super fast shooting gun.

Depending on your base pad and

your mag set up run anywhere from 17 to

23 if you’re running a little bit

with the extend mags and nine millimeter.

Always have a tact reel on them and

then triggers run anywhere from,

three to four pounds.

You can decide if you
need something in that

in whatever zone your
department has a requirement.

These models do have a working grip safety

so that’s the Titan Operator.

If you need a lot of fire power and

you need to be able to
execute difficult shots

with your duty pistol this
gun is perfect for that.

I will see you guys on the range soon.