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We have some of the best shooters in the world shooting our guns. We highly recommend connecting with them for training in Competition or Defensive Shooting disciplines. Click the pics to go to their websites for more details.

Charlie Perez
Charlie PerezBig Panda Performance
Welcome to Big Panda Performance!!! Big Panda Performance was founded by Charlie Perez (aka The Big Panda) who is a Top 10 ranked competitive practical shooter and trainer. In 2008 I started participating in practical shooting matches (USPSA, IDPA, & Steel Challenge) and have focused my efforts on being the best I can be. This dedication to perfecting shooting performance allowed me to achieve a Grand Master Classification in USPSA Limited division within a year and a half of starting. Achieving this dramatic increase in performance was not only gained from hard work, but also by attending many training classes from world class practical shooters. Using the skill learned from these world class shooters I have attend over 100 major matches across the nation and countless club matches with great success. These practical shooting accomplishments have allowed me the opportunity to represent several firearms sponsors while on and off the range. My extensive competition shooting experience, dedication to achieving the next level of performance, and a focused training program enable me to compete at the highest levels within the practical shooting sports.
Joe Farewell
Joe FarewellFarewell Firearms
Located in Central Florida, Farewell Firearms was established in 2016 and specializes in providing affordable, highly focused instruction to all levels of shooters. The wide range of classes and personalized training offered ensures value for everyone, from the first time shooter to experienced competitive or tactical shooters. Our mission is to help each student achieve their individual goals by keeping the classes and training personalized.

Joe Farewell, of Farewell Firearms Training, has been a competitor in USPSA and 3-Gun for over 7 years. He is dedicated to constant self-improvement and encouraging others to build their skills. At matches Joe is often found helping newer shooters learn the ropes of competitive shooting.

In 2013, Joe launched his career in Law Enforcement, where he discovered his passion for teaching. Joe is currently an instructor at his department covering firearms, close quarters force-on-force, and building entries, among other topics. He has attended numerous training schools and runs much of the advanced training for the department’s Emergency Response Team.

Joe started Farewell Firearms Training in 2016 and offers instruction for all shooters, from novice to advanced. With his background in law enforcement and experience at the top tier of competition, Joe has a well-rounded and practical approach to firearms training.