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All of the Atlas Gun Works USPSA handguns 3 Gun pistols are custom made and delivered within months of ordering. Need a USPSA, IDPA or 3 Gun Pistol even faster? Check out our High Speed Guns; the Titan and the Chaos. The Titan Limited Pistol delivers in just 1 month and the Chaos Open Class Pistol delivers in just 2 months. Our High Speed Guns are built continually for shooters that need a new competition handgun immediately. Full Custom Atlas Gun Works USPSA handguns 3 Gun pistols are delivered within 4 months of ordering. Full Custom Open Class Atlas Gun Works USPSA handguns 3 Gun pistols are delivered in 6 Months. All of our full custom guns are built to the exacting requests of our customers. Whether you opt for a full custom, a High Speed Gun, or any of our retail offerings we encourage you to call us. Part of our tireless dedication to the shooter is our commitment to answering the phone and returning calls immediately.

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I received my Atlas 2011 – it is a masterpiece!

This 9mm is the coolest gun ever!  My Business partner, Janos, would like to order one!
Clay S.
Gun arrived safely yesterday, it looks bad ass!  Can’t wait to get it to the range and put some rounds through it.
Peter D.
I went out and shot this week end. The gun is awesome, I love it.It performed perfectly!
Clay S.
I fired 100+ rounds of 115 & 147 grain bullets from 4 different magazines – FLAWLESS!

Took the new 40 Single Stack out today, and it was amazingly accurate.  My wife also shot it and was very impressed with it as I am. Thanks for a great competition pistol.
Scott M.
Just a quick note to let you know that I was able to shoot it for the first time last night, and what a pleasure it was. Ran perfectly, shot wonderfully, & really looks great.
Jason C.
Thanks again for the awesome gun. I took it up to the Nordic/Vortex Tri-Gun match and it was flawless. I even dropped a mag in the fine sand, shoot it quick, and proceeded to shoot. After watching a bunch of other 2011 pistols die on various stages, it just reassured my purchase.
Jonathan M.

I was finally able to take out my new titan PVD silver edition and I am simply amazed! I had no idea how the gun would look and when I finally saw it, I couldn’t believe my eyes. It is literally the most beautiful gun I have ever seen, I could not be happier with the outcome. Aside from how sexy it is it performs even better. The craftsmanship is absolutely flawless, it is like an old school Singer sewing machine. I was hitting consecutive .2 seconds splits in the A zone at 10 yards. This pistol is worth every penny and I feel like you were underpaid for it. My wife was so impressed by it now she wants one for herself. Sorry for the long email I know you are a busy man, thanks again I will be an atlas shooter for life.

Dan S.

Amazing. Better shooter than I am. Some fun work ahead to work up to the pistols capabilities.

Jeffrey M.