Erebus Bench Video Atlas Gunworks 3 Gun Open 2011 Style Pistol
– Hey everybody, Adam from Atlas Gunworks,

here with the new Erebus model.

This one’s built to dominate 3-gun.

We took a little bit different approach,

this is built for 9mm minor, of course.

It’s got the single-port comp.

It’s got the shortened slide,
this is a much shorter slide

than everything else we’re runnin’.

The comp, we’ve demoed a
bunch of different stuff,

or R&D’d a bunch of stuff, and we ended up

with a titanium comp.

There’s a tac-rail on this guy
so we could do night matches.

In the rear, we’re
running our plate systems,

so you can interchange
different rear dots.

This one’s got the Cheely E2 grip on it,

that’s the way these are
gonna come, it’s aluminum,

it keeps the weight down,
guns are runnin’ just about

41 ounces with an aluminum magwell.

If you need a little
more weight, you can add,

Cheely’s makin’ brass
magwells and we’ll make

stainless magwells for these pretty soon,

so we can get a little bit
of balance control there,

but the guns return to zero phenomenally.

Our new thumb safety has a
little bit of a positive angle,

gives your left hand way high on the gun,

a good bit more control there.

The new E2 grips have a good bit of bite,

they’re super grippy but not too sharp

that they’re cuttin’ up your gear.

Much easier to run with this gun,

designed to be fully in a
holster, so that you can have

a level three holster and do Hard as Hell

or any of the crazy matches out there.

Can always get a gap
art trigger in any size

or color that you need, all
are good fire-control parts

and then all the good details that are put

into all the Atlas guns,
so lots of hand fitting

and lots of time in these guys,

but absolutely gonna dominate 3-gun

for the 2019 season and going forward.