– Hey everybody, Adam
from Atlas Gun Works.

We’re gonna talk about
hammer and sear engagement,

in this video today and
we’re gonna show you

a cool new way that we’re
gonna sell these products

to make your life a little bit easier.

(slow hip-hop music)

So hammer and sear engagement,

super important to how your trigger feels,

how crisp your trigger is.

And there’s a bunch of different

factors to this, but the
biggest factor that we find

is that the hammer and sear

will have slight variations
in ’em, in batches.

This angle might be slightly negative

or slightly positive on the hammer

and then vice versa on the sear.

Typically what gunsmiths
do is they stone this

to be 90 degrees square
and then they’ll come in

and see where the sear angle meets that

and they’ll come in and
reshape the sear face.

We used to do that; we’ve
done lots of that here.

That’s pretty common gunsmith practice,

but our volumes are up so high

that we can just take this
cool little microscope,

this is a 20x, maybe
not a full microscope,

but a 20x magnifier on a jig.

And you can by these at Brownells.

Rather than everybody on the planet

having to own one of
these, we take and match

every single one of our
hammer and sears ahead of time

and we get so many hammers
and sears that we can do that.

Somebody asked, how we get
the hammer and sear sets

matched up, and the old answer was,

we did ’em the way every
gunsmith probably does ’em,

where you’re stoning ’em and
getting the angle square.

And then we realized here
that it was just faster,

because we get so many.

If you don’t have a
couple hundred of these,

of each on hand, then you
probably can’t do this,

but we run a pretty
serious volume in these

for our own deals,

so folks asked if we would sell ’em.

So anyway now they come, we
will call it the Perfect Match,

but we will have a hammer and sear

where they’re in the jig there perfect.

Now the disclaimer here is,

if your hammer and sear
pin holes in your gun

are not perfectly square, then,

there goes our plunger,

so if these two holes aren’t,

exactly where they’re supposed to be

and the two holes aren’t drilled

perfectly straight and
parallel to one another,

you might have some massaging to do.

But if you buy the perfect
matched pair to start with,

your starting point is 10 times easier.

For example, probably 1 in 10 guns

need a little massaging on our end,

and nine out of 10 we can
put that kit in there,

do what we do to clean
up the faces a little bit

and off and away you go.

We’ll sell these parts
individually on the website,

but we’ll also sell them
now as a matched pair,

and they’ve been under 20x
power in the jig and passed,

and they’ll come right
off our production line

so it won’t be any different

than we match them for ourselves.

Hope to see you guys on the range soon.