Atlas Gunworks 2 Port 2011 Pistol Comp


125 in stock

  • Tri-Topped Design
  • High Quality Titanium
  • Designed to enable both soft and flat shooting
  • Designed around 169 Power Factor ammunition
  • Will run Minor PF ammo if set up correctly
  • Pre-Cut for some stroking applications

125 in stock

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Building your dream race gun? Or do you just need a new pistol comp? You’re in the right place. Atlas Gunworks is proud to offer our 2011-style two-port pistol comp, made of high-quality titanium.

First, the comp is tri-topped to reduce weight and match most slides cut the same way. Next, the comp has two ports, designed around 169 power factor. Lastly, the comp is pre-cut for some stroking applications if you desire. You won’t find a better part on the market!

Atlas Gunworks is proud to offer some of the best 1911 and 2011 parts on the market, in addition to turning out some of the most intuitively designed pistols available today. We’re shooters, just like you.




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