Atlas Gunworks Erebus


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Atlas Gunworks Erebus

  • Suitability:
    • 3Gun Open Division
    • USPSA Open Division (Minor Only)
    • 2Gun Open Division
  • Caliber: 9mm
  • Tri-Topped and Lightened Slide cut to 4.6″
  • Single-Port Compensator
  • 4.6″ Full Dustcover Steel Frame (with or without Tactical Rail)
  • Atlas Gunworks Optic Plate for Slide Ride Optics
  • Your Choice of Red Dot Optic
  • KKM Bull Barrel
  • Perfect Zero Engineering (sight returns to perfect zero with correct ammunition and medium-firm grip pressure)
  • Ideal Balance and Weight for 3Gun Courses that require movement with a loaded gun over obstacles.
  • Sub 2lb Trigger
  • Cheely Aluminum E2 Grip
  • Cheely Magwell System
  • X-Line Vario Trigger
  • Ships with (1) 140mm Magazine and Memory Foam Case

Coating Options:

  1. Two Tone (DLC Black/Satin Silver)
    1. Black Parts: Frame, Slide, Compensator, Optic Plate, Firing Pin Stop, Extractor, Grip, Grip Screws, Mainspring Housing
    2. Silver Parts: Everything Else
  2. All DLC Black (+$100)

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The Atlas Gunworks Erebus pistol is the new hotness for 3Gun Open Division shooters. If you’re into Greek mythology,¬†Erebus was one of the primordial deities, born out of the primeval void, Chaos. Appropriately named after it’s predecessor, the Erebus is ready to overshadow every competitor you shoot against.

Your new Erebus employs a Cheely E2 Aluminum grip to reduce weight in your holster, and provide a beaver tail without a grip safety. First of all, the aluminum material aids in the pistol’s balance with 9mm minor power factor ammunition. This balance is critical to Perfect Zero Engineering. Furthermore, the aluminum grip allows the pistol to more lightweight than it’s competitors, consequently giving you the advantage on a challenging 3Gun course with a holstered pistol.

Need even more reason to put an Erebus in your holster? Your new pistol will come standard with an Atlas Gunworks Single Port Compensator. Atop the slide is an Atlas Gunworks Optic Plate, of which the red dot optic of your choice can be mounted. The Optic Plate system is interchangeable. This allows for different red dots to be used on the same pistol.

At Atlas Gunworks, we are proud to offer pistols that use only the best parts available. The Erebus was drawn from these parts, and is ready to bring the heat to your next 3Gun match.



Additional information

Trigger Shoe

Curved Short, Curved Medium, Curved Long, Flat Extra Short, Flat Short, Flat Medium, Flat Long

Trigger Color

Gray, Silver, Black, Blue, Red, Gold

Optic Plate

None, Vortex Razor/RTS2, DeltaPoint Pro, Vortex Venom, Romeo 3, SRO, Romeo 3XL, Romeo 3MAX


Deltapoint Pro 2.5MOA, C-More RTS2 6MOA, C-More RTS2 8MOA, Vortex Razor 6MOA, Sig Romeo3 3MOA, Vortex Venom 6MOA, Trijicon SRO 5MOA, Sig Romeo3 XL, Sig Romeo3 MAX

Cheely Magwell System

Small IDPA/IPSC Magwell, Regular Magwell (with insert), Large Hands Magwell (with insert)

Basepad Color

Black, Blue, Gray, Red

1 review for Atlas Gunworks Erebus

  1. Garrett Schutz

    The Erebus was my 3rd pistol from Atlas Gunworks. I requested a setup to run 3 gun Open and Tac Ops with and Adam and the crew did not disappoint. They worked out an Erebus with a steel PT Evo grip that also has a Nemesis slide that is fit to it. The Erebus shoots great running factory 9mm or my 135PF handloads. Great option for 3 gun to allow for kydex or multiple stage of retention holsters for the e gun matches where a lot of movement is required. I’ve even shot this gun in Open Minor USPSA and won a few local matches. If you are looking for every advantage in 3 gun this is the Open pistol for you.

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