Atlas Gunworks Titan Single Stack


Atlas Gunworks Titan Single Stack

  • Suitability
    • USPSA Single Stack Class
    • 3 Gun Heavy
    • IPSC Classic
  • Calibers: 9mm, 40SW, or 45ACP
  • Medium Wide Frame
  • Under 43oz with Magazine
  • X-Line Vario Trigger System
  • KKM Bushing Barrel
  • Bomar Rear Sight
  • Fiber Front Sight
  • Techwell G10 Suretec Grips
  • Techwell SP Magwell
  • Ships with 2 Magazines and Memory Foam Case

Coating Options:

  1. Two Tone: DLC Black/Satin Silver
    1. Black Parts: Frame, Slide, Mainspring Housing, Firing Pin Stop, Extractor
    2. Silver Parts: Everything Else
  2. All DLC Black (+$100)

Add Tactical Rail

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The Atlas Gunworks Titan Single Stack is a fully hand-built 1911 handgun that is ready to blow the doors off your next USPSA match. Modeled closely after the classic 1911 design by John Browning, this pistol is both as beautiful as it is function. You can expect only the best 1911 handgun parts to be used in your Atlas Gunworks pistol, and the Titan Single Stack is no exception.

First, we start with a full steel slide and one piece frame, fit together with an attention to detail unique to Atlas. Next, we selected a KKM Bushing barrel for it’s incredible accuracy. Most importantly each and every part on your pistol is hand-fit and checked for reliability and checked for smooth performance.

Lastly, your pistol will be finished out with the X-Line Vario Trigger of your choice and Techwell grips. And to get even better? You can have this beauty in 3 months or less! You will not be disappointed with your perfectly engineered Atlas Gunworks Titan Single Stack. Like to play in the dark? No worries, the Titan Single Stack is available with a tactical railed frame



Additional information


9mm, 40 SW, .45 ACP

Trigger Shoe

Curved Short, Curved Medium, Curved Long, Flat Extra Short, Flat Short, Flat Medium, Flat Long

Trigger Color

Gray, Silver, Black, Blue, Red, Gold


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